How to Make Your Website Pinterest-Friendly

We all know what Pinterest is and how it is a useful tool to many people. Click the “Pin” button and you can save a beautiful image, great idea, or item you’re interested in purchasing to a themed board that contains similar items.

Many people love Pinterest, and adding this feature to your website can draw more people to you. Creating a Pinterest-friendly website can be a dream turned into a reality for many website owners due to the increased traffic it produces. People use Pinterest to save their images to their boards, which creates a link back to your website. Every time someone sees a photo their friends “pinned”, if they click on it, it leads back to you, thus multiplying your exposure.

So, how do you make your website Pinterest-friendly?

  • Incorporate text into your image. It can make your photos more meaningful and can clearly convey your message to your audience. Your image can also describe a part of your website to attract a targeted audience.
  • Add a “Pin It” button to your images. This makes pinning more convenient to your audience. The easier it is, the more likely they’ll be to pin, which means their friends will be more likely to see it as well.
  • Choose a good size for your graphics. Keep in mind that your photos can be viewed in various platforms, so they must retain quality even when they are reduced or enlarged.
  • Make your photos high quality. There are millions of photos on the Internet, and that competition can slim down your chances of getting pinned. So, to encourage your audience to pin your images, make them high quality.
  • Post more images to your website. What makes a website Pinterest-worthy? When there are lots of good images to pin.

Install a Pinterest Follow Button. Even if someone pins one image, that doesn’t mean they’ll automatically continue pinning others. A Pinterest Follow button can make your audience aware of your recent posts and images that they can pin. When they follow you, they will see updates, which will make them more likely to continue visiting and pinning your page.


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