Virtual Marketing Assistant Pricing

At we have four structures for pricing which are described below:

1)  Charter Membership
2)  Standard Membership
3)  Social Media
3)  Social Media + SEO Ready Articles

Charter Membership… $497/month

During this time, we will only be accepting 2 Charter Members per state.

The subscription price for Charter Members to My Virtual Marketing Assistant is $497/month for up to 80 hours of work. Charter Membership saves you $100/month as contrasted to the Standard Membership, giving you the equivalent of two free months of service a year!

Start the process to secure your Charter Membership today by completing the Check for Charter Membership form below.

Standard Membership… $597/month

When Charter Memberships have been filled for a state, we open subscriptions to Standard Memberships which are $597/month and still an incredible value for up to 20 hours worth of marketing support work per week!


Even if Charter Memberships are sold out in your state – start the process to secure your Virtual Marketing Assistant today by completing the form below, and we will get back to you same-day with availability.

Daily Social Media (Only)… $99/month

If you are like most professionals, you probably have a love hate relationship with social media. You know you need to do it to stay top-of-mind to your friends and followers, but at the same time you just don’t want to take the time out of your day to go find things to post consistently.


For those who are not ready for a full VMA Subscription – we offer an a la carte social media service that provides your friends, followers and connections with a daily dose of good news across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We keep it consistent with your industry and it’s ALWAYS positive.

Social Media + SEO Ready Articles … $199/month

Still not at the point in your career where you are ready for a MyVMA Subscription? Our Social Media + SEO Ready Articles will help to tackle two big time sucks for many members of the industry.


In addition to receiving the same service that you do with our Social Media plan, you also receive a weekly pre-written, SEO ready, article with simple prompts and instructions to optimize your article for you. This insures your content is unique and optimized for your business and market. Skip hiring the content writer, proofer and SEO article optimizer. MyVMA has you covered!



Daily Social Media

Weekly SEO Ready Article

Database Entry & Maintenace

Forget Me Not Marketing

(Email Marketing & Follow-up)

Social Media Announcements/Partner Promos

Internet Research &
Database Farming

vma membership



($599 if Standard)


Most Popular

Social + SEO


Monthly Payment

Basic Social


Monthly Payment

Although billed to your credit card monthly, because of the labor involved, subscription periods are for a minimum of six months at a time.  If you can find someone to do up to 20 hours worth of marketing support work for you a week, covering all that we offer for less than our service fee, hire them!  Otherwise, become a Charter Member of My Virtual Marketing Assistant right away before your states closes out.

Fill out my online form.

Can You Justify This Expense?

We realize the services of a Virtual Marketing Assistant are not for everyone.  The question of affordability is one only you can answer, but here are a couple of things to consider that might help you with that decision.

What Are You Worth?

Take a quick look at the chart below and you’ll be able to easily figure out what the value of your time is per hour.  Once you know what you’re worth per hour, the natural follow up question is, “Is Your Time Too Valuable To Be Spent Doing Clerical Work?”

$/Year $/Hour
$50,000 $24
$75,000 $36
$100,000 $48
$150,000 $72
$200,000 $96

What Would It Cost You To Hire

An Entry Level Administrative Assistant?

The answer to that question, depends upon where you live. According to, here are a few answers to that question based upon the average hourly wage in metro areas (for the same skill sets as our Virtual Marketing Assistant’s)  and they do NOT include benefits or payroll taxes.  If you want to know what it is for your specific area, go to type in “Administrative Assistant I” and the name of your city/state.

State $/Hour
California $19.09
Texas $17.40
Illinois $18.50
Ohio $17.28
Georgia $17.39

What Do You Think Is The Better Value… Hiring Someone In Your Workplace?


Using The Services of My Virtual Marketing Assistant?

From a cost perspective, the choice is clear. Select your service below and then

Sign Up for My Virtual Marketing Assistant Today!

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