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What are you worth?

Below is a breakdown of annual income and what that equates to hourly
$/Year        $/Hour
$50,000      $24
$75,000      $36
$100,000    $48
$150,000    $72
$200,000    $96


Is your time being well spent?

Now that you know roughly WHAT you are worth per hour, is your time REALLY best spent doing clerical work? Imagine what you could do if all you had to worry about was selling and servicing your customers…


Are YOU marketing?

Every salesperson knows there are things that need to be done to market themselves – the problem is it often doesn’t get done consistently. Either they don’t have the time, or they don’t have the know-how. Whatever the case, that’s where MyVMA comes in to help.

About Us

MyVMA was created by Debra & Andrew Jones. Debra has spent decades providing sales & marketing services to tens of thousands of sales professionals throughout the United States.  Her primary focus of expertise is in the mortgage industry and the real estate business where she has served small, one-person shops to multi-billion dollar corporations.  Andrew is a social media and internet marketing expert who provides his services to a broad cross-section of businesses in various places throughout the world. Together, they built the system and have trained the VMA’s to be of service to you.


The system is designed to offer an affordable solution for the salesperson who has outgrown the current capacity of their business and needs an assistant to get to the next level, but who is not ready and/or doesn’t want to take on the overhead burden of adding a full-time employee.



These are general categories of services we provide. Many companies offer these services for sale, the difference is not only do we provide the tools, we do the work FOR you.


Our services include:


  • Database entry, maintenance and backup

  • Internet research – done on three levels:  national, community and individual

  • Extensive marketing support

  • Comprehensive email marketing campaigns

  • Social media marketing and daily fresh content delivery

Our Team

Between the two of them, this service has been designed to give you everything you need to drive your production and sales efforts to the next level, bridging proven traditional marketing methods with today’s innovative technology.


  • Debra Jones

    Debra Jones

    Co-Founder / Mortgage Industry Icon

    A mortgage industry icon when it comes to sales and marketing, Debra Jones has trained literally tens of thousands of loan officers over the past 25+ years as well as provided marketing seminars to real estate communities from coast to coast.  To read more about her work and review her extensive library of sales and marketing materials visit her website


    Her client list reads like a “Who’s Who,” ranging from small one-person shops to multi-billion dollar corporations. Many of the nation’s top producers in the mortgage and real estate industries are long-term clients who have faithfully used her marketing concepts and materials for years.


    When it comes to sales and marketing for those who sell professional service and expertise, no one does it better than Debra Jones. Newcomers to billion dollar veteran sales producers alike depend on the results her services deliver.

  • Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones

    Co-Founder, Internet Marketing Guru

    Yes, the names are the same… he’s Debra’s son and has literally grown up in the mortgage and real estate industry and has handled her internet marketing since 2005. However, he’s more than just her son, he is an independent businessman in his own right.


    A graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Advertising, he is the President of New Media Fluent, an internet marketing company founded in 2009 that specializes in digital and social marketing, and new technology.


    A social media guru, he harnesses the power of social media marketing to serve a broad spectrum of clients based throughout the United States and around the world.

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