Virtual Assistant Mortgage Services

Virtual Mortgage Assistant’s provided by My Virtual Marketing Assistant aim to advance your marketing and alleviate tedious clmanerical and administrative burden from your day to day work.

The Four Primary Services of My Virtual Marketing Assistant


General Marketing

  • Daily Database Entry – Entry of business cards gathered from various sales meetings, tradeshows, networking groups, appointments, etc. You know all of those little scraps of paper you keep meaning to input and catalogue into your database? We’ll take it from here.

  • Daily database maintenance – Client has moved and you need to update addresses? We’ve got you covered. Bounces, removals, and spam filters? We maintain the health of your database so you can focus on other things.

  • Marketing Materials & Services – Each Virtual Marketing Assistant (VMA) Subscriber has access to our extensive library of marketing materials and services ready to assist you within your business. All included with your subscription to MyVMA.

Internet Marketing & Database Research

Put your VMA to work scouring the internet building a database of leads & referral sources for you, i.e.,

  • FSBO’s – Where as most Realtors will get their emails deleted, you are coming form a place of financial authority. Farm these FSBO’s and soon you will have a pipeline to reward your most loyal realtors with.

  • New Listings in Market – These people have listed their home, you know what that means – next comes a purchase. Planting seeds and introducing yourself early while offering your services for any questions they may have will help you to reap ample rewards.

  • Financial Planners – Introducing yourself as a service partner to these advisors who coach people into purchasing their most important financial investment. Their home.

  • Attorney’s – Divorce, death, deeds and more – build up your service partner relationships with the legal experts and cultivate a road that will run both ways.

Social Media

  • Daily Social Media Updates – Your Virtual Marketing Assistant will update your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts with daily industry-good-news as well as news about your business, i.e., announcement of closings, congratulations to agents, recognition of award winners, open house announcements, local seminar/meeting promotions, etc.

  • Don’t want to write your blogs? Skip hiring the content writer, proofer and SEO article optimizer. We provide you a weekly pre-written, SEO ready article with simple prompts and instructions to optimize your article for you to insure your content is unique and optimized for your business and market.

  • Social Distribution – Your virtual mortgage assistant can also post RSS feeds from your blog to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter keeping your content fresh and your visitors coming back.

Forget Me Not Marketing

In addition to what’s shown above, all of the services of Forget Me Not Marketing (FMN) are included with your Virtual Marketing Assistant subscription.


FMN is a service that we’ve offered for the past 5 years to successful loan officers throughout the country.


FMN is an extensive email marketing campaign system that takes all the hassle out of database marketing for you. Read below for a full description of what it provides.


Your Virtual Mortgage Assistant will set up your database and organize it into two broad categories:
1. Referral Sources
2. Clients – (Borrowers)…..prospective, current & previous loan applicants


Referral sources receive…


General Contact:
LO Profile Sheets
Quote of the week
Quarterly Marketing Moment
Secular Holiday & Seasonal Messages
Birthday Greetings
Testimonial Requests
Standard Post-Meeting Follow-up
One additional quarterly contact of subscriber’s choosing & creation


At Application:
“Thank You for Referral” to buyer’s agent,
“Let me introduce myself” to listing agent

Clients (Borrowers) receive…


Congrats to buyer’s agent,
Congrats to listing agent,
2 weeks later….referral requests to each


General Contact:
Quote of the month
Holiday & Seasonal Messages


5-week sequential auto-responder Home- Buyer Education Series


At Application:
“Thank You” to borrower


Quarterly follow up series…thank you, refer- ral request, holiday recognition, anniversary of closing.

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Daily Social Media

Weekly SEO Ready Article

Database Entry & Maintenace

Forget Me Not Marketing

(Email Marketing & Follow-up)

Social Media Announcements/Partner Promos

Internet Research &
Database Farming

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