What Is A Virtual Marketing Assistant?

In addition to prospecting and developing new business, every salesperson – whether you are in real estate or the mortgage industry – worth their salt knows that they also need to be doing things like: developing and/or maintaining a current database, email marketing, social media marketing, creating marketing tools i.e., flyers, brochures, contact letters, etc.


But in your already busy day, who has time to take on any more?That’s where My Virtual Marketing Assistant comes in.


Watch the video message below from our founder Debra Jones explaining what a VMA is and how it can help your business while alleviating administrative burden and marketing stress.

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What Is A Virtual Marketing Assistant (VMA)? Continued…

In addition to prospecting and developing new business, every salesperson worth their salt knows that they also need to be doing things like: developing and/or maintaining a current database, creating marketing tools i.e., flyers, brochures, contact letters, etc. marketing and promotion of consumer seminars to educate their buying public about their services, on-going lead generation within their community, email campaigns covering prospecting, business-in-process, and long-term post-closing following up with both customers and referral sources and… last, but most certainly not least these days…social media marketing, i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Whew! It’s exhausting just to read the list, isn’t it?


Every salesperson, regardless of their industry, knows they NEED to be doing those things and yet they don’t. Why don’t they when they know good and well it will produce extra business?


There are a couple of primary reasons…

  1. Sometimes it’s because they don’t know how

  2. More commonly, it’s because they don’t have the time


If you’re one of those salespeople who’s so busy keeping up with the daily demands on your time that the things you need to do to market and promote yourself keep getting put farther and farther onto the back burner, that’s where your Virtual Marketing Assistant(VMA) steps in to save the day. They do all the things involving the clerical work to market yourself, so you don’t have to…all you have to do is reap the reward of higher levels of sales production.


Due to the economies of scale that our system presents your VMA costs you less than hourly minimum wage. You don’t have to train them. You don’t have to pay them benefits. You don’t have to take care of payroll details. You don’t have to worry about giving them raises. All you have to do is assign a task list and they’ll handle the rest.


Click on the service tab at the top of the page and select the business you work in for a specific list of VMA services we provide for your industry. Although many of the services appear the same in their broad categories, it’s the industry-specifics we provide that make VMA’s so valuable so read carefully for all the details. We started this serve with the mortgage industry and are continuing to expand into other market segments that are similar in that time, service and professional expertise are what is being sold.


You’re going to absolutely love this service. Go on, have a nice evening…enjoy your life…get some rest knowing that when you clock out…we clock in.

Our Virtual Marketing Assistant Services

These are general categories of services we provide. Many companies offer these services for sale, the difference is not only do we provide the tools, but most importantly, we do the work FOR you.


Our services include:

  • Database entry, maintenance and backup

  • Extensive marketing support

  • Internet research – done on three levels:  national, community and individual

  • Comprehensive email marketing campaigns

  • FSBO marketing

  • Social media marketing and daily fresh content delivery

At MyVirtualMarketingAssistant.com, in addition to the broad spectrum of services we provide ourselves, we have also made arrangements with an industry-specific template provider to maximize your library of choices for flyers.  Our goal is to bring you everything you need for your marketing in one place, bringing you the perfect blend of automated systems, administrative marketing support, extensive selection of materials and affordability.


Who Needs a Virtual Marketing Assistant?

We’re not for everyone…the average run-of-the-mill, salesperson may never need a VMA and that’s okay. My Virtual Marketing Assistant helps you to leverage your time and save on expenses by outsourcing your databases, digital marketing, and email follow up.


  • Our service is designed for the salesperson who is marketing oriented and sales driven.

  • A salesperson who wants to get exponential leverage out of their time, expertise and talent each day. For them, a VMA is a good fit.

  • A salesperson who wants to take their business to the next level but does NOT want to over-extend themselves in terms of overhead…they need a VMA.

  • And, finally, the salesperson who is satisfied with their production but wants the freedom to have more time to enjoy their life…they need a VMA.

For Members and VMA’s


Two More Charter States Close
Two more states charter memberships were filled in January check for charter memberships in your state using our form on the Pricing page!


Check for Charter Memberships
You can now check for remaining charter memberships in your state using our new form on the Pricing page!


BIG NEWS – Real Estate Version Has Arrived!
My Virtual Marketing Assistant has now unveiled the Real Estate version of our services! We are accepting charter memberships now – to secure your charter membership as a real estate agent, contact us.


Loan Officer Charter States Are Filling Up
Charter Memberships are filling up in many states for VMA’s – we are happy to announce we have just closed out South Carolina for Charter Memberships. Regular memberships are still available, but the Charter Memberships are now filled!


Charter Membership Opened
My Virtual Marketing Assistant officially opened its doors by launching the Charter Membership program. Only TWO VMA members are allowed, in each state, to take advantage of Charter Member pricing – so stake your territory early and insure you’re Charter Membership with My Virtual Marketing Assistant today!

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