How to Increase Online Awareness Before Launching Your Business

Have you ever come across a business that a lot of people know about even though it hasn’t officially launched yet? The secret to these types of businesses gaining such early traction is that they implement a pre-launch marketing strategy to build awareness and buzz months before their official launch.

The benefit of a pre-launch brand awareness strategy is to build a potential customer base, so that you’ve set yourself up to begin making sales more quickly once you open. By the time you launch your business, people will already know about the basics of your company and will have already had time to think about whether they want to purchase your products and services.

One way to successfully increase your brand awareness is through online marketing. Promoting your brand online can widen your target market reach and tap into more people in multiple locations. So, how do you increase your online awareness during pre-launching?

Here are some tips:

  • Build a website. This will be your landing page to whoever may be curious to know more about what you offer. Create a professional and complete website, with all the details of your product. That way, even before you launch, your prospects can start considering buying your products and services.
  • Start promoting on social media. Make use of what social media can do for business promotions. Buzz can spread quickly and go viral on Facebook. Make it a goal to reach as many people as possible as many times as possible before you formally launch. Remember to respond to comments to engage your followers!
  • Do guest posts on other people’s blogs. Establish yourself as a leader or expert in your niche. Link back to your website to capture your audience.
  • Engage the right influencers. These are people who influence others’ decisions on what to do, buy, use, etc. By establishing partnerships and support from the right influencers, you can create hype in your target market before launching.
  • Host a contest. It can be a social media contest or something related to what your business offers. Give cool prizes such as product samples. It will not only be a way to gain more followers, but also a marketing tool for others to try out your products.

Create press releases. Write a compelling press release or hire someone to write it for you. Include details about your business, including what you do, what you offer, and how people can benefit from you. Also include details of your upcoming launch and where and when they can expect to find you. Promote yourself!


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