Avoid the Hassles of Recruitment with a Virtual Assistant

Now that your business is growing, you will need all the help you can get to address the different specialization and administrative demands of your business. There will be times when you need a graphic designer, a webmaster, a virtual assistant, a content writer, or even a SEO person on your team. When you need another person to work for you, will you have the time and ability to handle the recruitment process?


Recruiting potential applicants for a new job can be time consuming and challenging. First, you have to create a job description to post on various online jobs sites. After posting your ads online, you can expect to received multiple e-mails from potential applicants every day. Now, you face the issue of sorting through all of applications to narrow down who you think will be a good fit for the position.


Sorting through and evaluating job applications can be stressful because you’re trying to compare the work experience and skills of multiple people, as well as go through examples of the work they’ve provided. This is where bringing in another person to help you can be beneficial.


A virtual assistant can help with the HR tasks associated with sorting through applicants. From the very beginning, your virtual assistant can create the job listings for you, and all you have to do is provide them with the guidelines and then approve them when they’re done. A virtual assistant can also search for job sites that would most likely produce strong applicants.


When you receive applications for the position, you can assign the sorting of these applications to your virtual assistant. Your virtual assistant can evaluate the applications and weed out the ones that are obviously not matches. Then, you can review the remaining pre-filtered resumes and only spend your time considering the applicants with the most potential.


Hiring a new employee can be tough, and it often takes several weeks to find the right person for the job. So, save yourself the time commitment and trouble of handling the tedious tasks and let your virtual assistant do it for you.


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