Communication Is Key When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

When it comes to hiring a new virtual assistant to help you with your daily business tasks, proper communication is necessary to get things moving smoothly and effectively.


Keep in mind that the person you are working with is oftentimes miles away from you, and you won’t be seeing their face every day. The best way to monitor whether your business is functioning properly and in the right hands is to implement proper communication. This will keep you posted on what is happening with your virtual assistant, when they’re working, if any problems have emerged, and what has been accomplished each day.


Virtual assistants are open to most lines of communication, such as email, phone calls, chat, and video conferencing.  So, how do you communicate properly with your virtual assistant?


First, you need to establish the line of communication that you will want to use during their work hours. Whatever makes you feel secure and comfortable, you can establish it with your assistant. Just be sure to consider your virtual assistant’s needs as well and whether or not they will be comfortable with that line of communication. What you need is a professional and confident assistant, and not an uncertain or self-conscious one.


Next, be professional when communicating with your virtual assistant. Talk to him or her in a professional way, so they know that they also need to be professional when dealing with you. It may seem okay to become more personal, but also respect the privacy of your assistant.


You also need to be direct and clear. Don’t try to bombard your assistant with a long email containing what he or she needs to do. Instead, avoid the unnecessary information and directly convey to him or her what needs to be done.


Lastly, respond to your virtual assistant as soon as possible. Your assistant understands that you may be in the middle of your sleep when he or she is working, but they also expect an answer in the early morning. So, make sure to check your email once in a while so you’ll know if there are concerns.  If there are, address them as soon as possible.


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